Shared Custody

Parenting after divorce is hard. Make it easier.

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Simple Tools

Benefits of Unbroken Homes:

  • Messaging and timeline
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile Push notifications
  • Powerful parenting calendar with change request system
  • Track Expenses
  • Encrypted emergency contact, child data and medical information library
  • Document storage library
  • Reporting for custody and expenses
  • Delegation to allow step-parents equal household access which is unique to Unbroken Homes
  • Reduce conflict have as much or as little contact with your co-parent as you choose
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Simple Pricing

$9.99 per month or
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For the entire family.

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  • Activity Timeline

    Messages, events, change requests and expense requests are shown in an intuitive timeline format.

    Keep messages between co-parents out of your email or text inbox!

  • Calendar

    Add parenting/custody schedules, exceptions (like birthdays and holidays) and transition information. Send swap requests to co-parent for approval. Minimize the conflict!

    Add events for appointments or activities and tie to specific children. Add event location information and addresses. Events may recur on any pattern just as you're used to in most other calendar tools. Everything you need is attached to the event.

  • Expenses

    Add and track expenses per child then route for approval to your co-parent. Include receipts and allocate percentages per your parenting plan, decree or separation agreement.

  • Data Library

    Store medical information, allergies, family and emergency contacts, school information for each child. Have Medical ID cards handy from any device!

    Store important documents, such as your divorce decree, parenting plans and choose who gets read access.

  • Convenient and Secure

    All information is stored securely and transmitted through SSL. Data at rest is encrypted and only accessible by who you choose.

    Access from any web-enabled device, including mobile devices via web or mobile app!

  • Founded and Designed by a co-parent

    In 2011, the founder and CEO of Unbroken Homes went through divorce. He immediately recognized that the tools available were not tailored to the parenting in shared custody. His aim was to take the conflict out of co-parenting and create a simple tool to centralize a custody calendar, events, facilitate swaps, expenses, and messages.

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